Inorganic Physics, X-rays & Neutrons


Welcome to the X-ray and neutron spectroscopy research web pages. Our research interest is based within the area of physical inorganic chemistry with a focus on the study of fundamental electronic structure using X-rays and neutrons. Affiliated with the University of Manchester, Department of Chemistry and the University of Manchester at Harwell, we profit from collaborations with leading synthetic chemistry groups and national facilities at Harwell to explore novel electronic structure and magnetism of d and f block electron systems.


25/10/2022: Several group members head to the ESRF for beamtime.

18/10/2022: Mike and Tim attend and present at the ATAS-AnXAS workshop

13/09/2022: Myron defends his PhD thesis! Congratulations.

24/08/2022: Mike and Myron present research at the International Conference on Inelastic X-ray Scattering

23/08/2022: Mike presents an invited talk on RIXS at the ECM33

28/07/2022: Myron leads a high-pressure XANES study at I20-EDE. This is our last beamtime before the planned closure of the beamline – good bye EDE!

05/07/2022: Mike, Nathan and Myron head to the ESRF for some RIXS at BM20.

19/05/2022: Nathan leads his second beamtime, is time at I20-scanning

13/04/2022: Nathan leads Si K-edge beamtime at B07-B

29/03/2022: Just as quickly as we left we are back at Synchrotron Soleil, but this time at DEIMOS gathering XMCD measurements.

14/02/2022: We conduct our first in-person international beamtime since the start of the pandemic at Synchrotron Soleil, MARS – it is great to be back.

31/01/2022: Tim leads HERFD beamtime at I20-scanning

20/09/2021: Nathan starts his PhD with Kbeta HERFD beamtime at I20-scanning

05/09/2021: MChem Ryan heads to Grenoble to attend the X-Ray and Neutron Science – International Student Summer Programme.

13/09/2021: Rasmus conducts INS measurements using the upgraded IN4-Panther spectrometer at the ILL

02/09/2021: Mike wins the FSE student award for Excellence in Research Supervision. Tim is nominated in the Most Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant category.

30/08/2021: Rasmus conducts his first ILL beamtime on IN5.

21/07/2021: Our research features as a highlight in the Diamond Light Source 2020/21 Annual Review, pages 98-99.

07/07/2021: Mike attends beamtime at Synchrotron Soleil, Tim participates remotely.

24/06/2021: Mike’s contributions to the Molecular Magnetism Group are recognized in the RSC 2021 Dalton Division Horizon Prize.

14/06/2021: We present virtual posters at the ICMM2021.

08/06/2021: We participate in a remote RIXS beamtime with the support of Sang-Jun Lee at the SSRL.

07/06/2021: ISIS beamtime on LET with Tatiana Guidi. This time Mike participates on-site while Rasmus controls the beamline from Grenoble.

04/05/2021: ESRF beamtime! Rasmus participates on-site while Myron and Mike control the beamline remotely from the UK.

26/04/2021: Mike becomes a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

18/03/2021: Myron presents work on transition metal-doped lithium nitride at CONEXS 2021.

02/02/2021: Our first virtual beamtime performing XMCD at I06 at Diamond. Special thanks to Dr Larissa Ishibe-Veiga for supporting the experiment.

02/02/2021: Rasmus Tang Christiansen joins the group to start a PhD studentship in partnership with the Institut Laue Langevin.

01/12/2020: Mike receives a CAMS Fellowship Award.