Research Vacancies

If you are interested in joining our team do not hesitate to get in touch with Mike ([email protected]).

Outstanding PhD candidates are encouraged to apply for one of several available fellowships, including the President’s Doctoral Scholarship, the Dean’s Doctoral Scholarship and others

Each academic year we typically recruit one to two integrated Master (MChem) students. If you are an MChem student interested in doing your final year project in our team get in touch by email or come and have a chat about suitable research projects. In usual circumstances, MChem projects will include participation in a synchrotron X-ray or neutron scattering beamtime. In 2021 Mike was awarded the Faculty of Science and Engineering student award for Excellence in Research Supervision.

The following are examples of MChem student (bold name) project work that resulted in publications:

Quantifying the influence of 3d-4s mixing on linearly coordinated metal-ions by L2,3-edge XAS and XMCD

Huzan, M. S., Burrow, T. G., Fix, M., Breitner F., Chong, S.-K., Bencok P., Aramini M., Jesche, A., Baker, M. L., Chem. Sci., 2024 DOI: 10.1039/D3SC06308A

Energy conversion and storage via photoinduced polarization change in non-ferroelectric molecular [CoGa] crystals

Sadhukhan, P., Wu, S., Kanegawa, S., Su, S., Zhang, X., Nakanishi, T., Long, J. I., Gao, K., Shimada, R., Okajima, H., Sakamoto, A., Chiappella, J. G., Huzan, M. S., Kroll, T., Sokaras, D., Baker, M. L., Sato, O. Nat Commun, 2023, 14, 3394.

Sulfidation and Reoxidation of U(VI)-Incorporated Goethite: Implications for U Retention during Sub-Surface Redox Cycling

Stagg, O., Morris, K., Townsend, L.T., Kvashnina K. O., Baker M. L., Dempsey, R. L., Abrahamsen-Mills, L., Shaw, S. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2022, 56, 24, 17643.